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Meet the Trainers

Jane Muir

Health & Fitness is my life & after being in the industry for over 20 years I can truely say I am even more passionate about what I do, how I do it. I love the fact that my style & concept of training is unique, inspiring, motivating, diverse, challenging & FUN!!!!!

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Jakson Cowley

I use Exercise Science to help people improve how they look, feel and function. With a background in high-level AFL and Tennis, my passion for sports drove me to seek every advantage through comprehensive physical and mental preparation, nutrition, and overall wellness practices. I apply this same approach with my clients. 

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Dani Woolbank

Bodywealth is designed to increase your own awareness of your body & wellbeing. With over 10 yrs experience in fitness competitor in CrossFit and Bodybuilding I became a Trainer to share with clients habits, practices and movements. I also understand the stresses of life & how the nervous system responds in different ways.

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Marny Mackay

Fitness is my therapy. Both my strong passion/interest in my own health and the drive to help others find theirs, provides me with the ability to lead a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle that I am proud to share with my two beautiful boys. I am passionate about strength training – specifically the empowerment it brings. It is an absolute joy to help others find fulfilment in exercise and embrace movement

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Aaron Laskey

I thrive on helping others to acheive their goals & to reach new levels in their health. I am also forever growing through education movement & new technqiues such as breathwork & recovery. My goal is to help you be the best version of yourself. Areas of expertise: Building Muscle, Power Lifting, Mobility, Injury Prevention, Stength & Conditioning, Youth

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